Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FMN029: Audio Drone

Free Music Now! Vol. 29:
Audio Drone

June 30, 2010 (Wed)
10.30pm-12mn (+8 GMT)

How to tune in "live"?

iTunes, Winamp or VLC media player:

Downloading either of the following:

Then open the listen.pls file during the broadcast time.

Windows Media Player:

Hit Ctrl-U and paste this URL:


1. Ustad Bismillah Khan - Rachna Purab Ang (10:34)
2. The Vuvuzela - Legendary Horn! (2:59)
3. The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms - Hooray For Hollywood/Spanish Flea (3:47)
4. Klangmutationen - Session 0-1 (16:11)
5. Fire Witch - Kritta (10:31)
6. Wolf Eyes - A Million Years (5:01)
7. Yellow Swans - Descent 1 (11:52)
8. Miles Davis Sextet - The Theme (8:15)
9. Ornette Coleman Trio - The Riddle (9:59)
10. Voz De Cabo Verde - Fra Broque (4:17)

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Syndicate 6.5: Open Space

Dear friends, Free Music Now! will be taking a break this week to attend Syndicate 6.5: Open Space. Our favourite dub + beats night takes an even more conceptual turn, working with archival (and contemporary) images in collaboration with the Human Studies Film Archives of the Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC). More info posted below.

A collaboration with the Human Studies Film Archives of the Smithsonian Institution. Syndicate will be presenting original and reworked found music, archival and contemporary images reprocessed from laptops on the theme of Open Space in Southeast Asia.


Human Studies Film Archives of the Smithsonian Institution

The Human Studies Film Archives (HSFA) celebrates 35 years of preserving, documenting, and providing access to moving images for the broad study of world cultures and the development of ethnographic filmmaking.

The collections encompass a wide range of documentary, travelogue, ethnographic, and amateur film genres that span most of the 20th century and are supported with still photographs, audio and paper records.

In 2009, HSFA's "John Marshall Ju/'hoan Bushman Film and Video Collection, 1950-2000" was inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register



A melt down of audio experimentation and visual dares from the bass bins, beat baskets and image banks of the Syndicate, an audio-visual super-group of beat-makers, DJs and VJs.

Syndicate reengineers your perceptions of electronic dance music, crunches your brains with multimedia projections, and shakes up expectations.

Don’t miss out on this sideshow peep into the world of audio-visual mutations and jarring encounters with Singapore’s own sonic aliens


Admission is free. Show starts at 8pm sharp and ends at 10pm.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Radio Yesterday

info@resonancefm.com to me

Radio Yesterday
00:00 to 24:00, Saturday 19 June 2010
on Resonance104.4fm
broadcasting in central London, streaming worldwide on www.resonancefm.com

Most radio stations rely on playlists. Most rely upon the repetition of familiar tunes. Resonance104.4fm, the award-winning radio station which famously does not have playlists, presents an entire day devoted to a single song.

Radio Yesterday presents 24 solid hours of radio in the company of The Beatles's “Yesterday,” reputedly the most covered song in history - in as many cover versions as it's possible to secure. Midnight to midnight, the day after Sir Paul McCartney's 68th birthday.

Radio Yesterday is one thing, Radio Yesterday is many things. It's a forensic examination of “variations on a theme.” It's an homage to an enduring masterpiece. It's an investigation into what turns a pop song into currency. It's a satirical take on “golden oldie” playlists. It's a exercise in casual listening taken to a crazy extreme. As comfort zone turns into endurance test and back, Radio Yesterday is presented as a conceptual radiophonic artwork by Resonance104.4fm, the winner of the Radio Academy’s Nations and Regions Award for London.

Radio Yesterday is conceived and produced by Ed Baxter. It is curated by sound-artist Dan Scott. It features the voice of continuity announcer Piers Gibbon.

Radio Yesterday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FMN028: It's Gonna Rain

Free Music Now! Vol. 28:
It's Gonna Rain

June 16, 2010 (Wed)
10.30pm-12mn (+8 GMT)

Tune in "live" by downloading either of the following:

Then open the listen.pls file in your iTunes, Winamp or
VLC media player during the broadcast time.


1. Scott Walker - It's Raining Today (4:00)
2. Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain (Part I) (7:59)
3. Ah Lian on Orchard Road - Hermes Kenna (1:00)
4. Amino Acid Orchestra - Clouds Gathering for Rain (5:00)
5. ARCN TEMPL - Four Rivers of Melancholy (8:22)
6. Gastr del Sol - Is that a Rifle When it Rains? (1:29)
7. Skin-14 - Rain (4:48)
8. Teresa Teng - Dayung Sampan (2:16)
9. Nina Simone - I Think It's Going to Rain Today (3:20)
10. Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River (3:13)
11. Animal Collective - Water Curses (3:25)
12. Xuan - Twilight Rain (2:08)
13. Flaming Lips - I was Zapped by the Lucky Rainbow (3:34)
14. Broken Social Scene - Water in Hell (4:25)
15. Lightning Bolt - Rain on Lake I'm Swimming in (2:13)
16. Otomo Yoshihide's NJO - Lost in the Rain (8:57)
17. Xiao He - Bird and Water (7:30)
18. The Quests - Mr Rainbow (2:10)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FMN027: I Will Burn For You

Free Music Now! Vol. 27:
I Will Burn For You

June 9, 2010 (Wed)
10.30pm-12mn (+8 GMT)
Burn it up with new music from Amino Acid Orchestra and more!

Tune in "live" by downloading either of the following:

Then open the listen.pls file in your iTunes, Winamp or
VLC media player during the broadcast time.

Live playlist:
(Reload this page during the "live" broadcast to see the playlist being generated!)

1. Garbage - #1 Crush (4:50)
2. Morphy - Teilight (4:42)
3. The Caretaker - Memory Twenty Eight (3:39)
4. 周璇 (Zhou Xuan) - 夜上海 (Shanghai Nightlife) (2:50)
5. Palace Brothers - You Will Miss Me When You Burn (3:18)
6. Swans - Raping a Slave (6:19)
7. Jacques Coursil - Black Suite Part 2 (12:48)
8. Patrice Sciortino - Alchimie Rythmique (1:58)
9. Amino Acid Orchestra - Construction Worker Rock (8:00)
10. Lunarin - Ariel (Phorous Summer Beauty Remodel) (3:47)
11. Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie and Clyde (4:16)
12. This is Atlantis - Hibernation in Volumetric Environment (8:50)
13. M Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar - Good News For You (3:09)

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