Monday, January 18, 2010

FMN010: CHOPPA Chops

Free Music Now! Vol. 10: CHOPPA Chops
Original broadcast: January 20, 2010 (Wed), 2230-0000h (GMT +8)

In support of the good people at CHOPPA who've been diligently organising Singapore's only regular experimental and improv music night* since January 2007, FMN! presents choice cuts from the last three years of CHOPPA, as well as some favourites who will be performing at the second CHOPPA Festival, taking place on 19 (Tue), 21 (Thu) and 22 (Fri) January. By coincidence or otherwise, we'll be airing on the festival's "off" night (Wed)...

Link: CHOPPA 2010 Festival site

* Full disclosure: Mark has performed at three previous CHOPPA sessions

To tune in "live" to the show, please download either of the following:

Then open the listen.pls file in your iTunes, Winamp or VLC media player during the broadcast time.

Live playlist:
(Reload this page during the "live" broadcast to see the playlist being generated!)

1. George Chua - Black Gold (excerpt) (8:00)
2. Zbigniew Karkowski - Execution of Intelligence (8:15)
3. Goh Lee Kwang - Godot is Coming 1 (3:23)
4. I \ D - Assimilate and spit fire. Destroy! (7:19)
5. Pimmon - New Matin (6:34)
6. Under the Velvet Sky - Rain at the Break of Dawn (2:41)
7. Iron Egg - Live at CHOPPA Nov 2008 (excerpt) (8:00)
*** Free Improv Poetry Response to Iron Egg ***
8. Aya Sekine/Yuta Nakayama - Syndoroma (2:12)
9. Uchihashi Kazuhisa & Yoshida Tatsuya - IMPROVISATIONS 3 (3:11)
10. Yoshida Tatsuya - Live at HADAKA C (excerpts) (?:??)

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