Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rites & Gospels

Two events to engage your senses this week:

On Wednesday (check it out before you get home in time for the radio show!) at the Substation, two collaborative, multi-disciplinary art pieces will be presented under the R.I.T.E.S. series.

1. “Photocopy Masterpieces, Video mirror”
by Lim Shengen & Teow Yue Han
Curated by Urich Lau
Two artists who work with video, technology and performance, use strategies that incorporates notions of time, space, interaction, making a relationship with the physical exterior, the psychological internal and visual imagery. The artists courageously test their ideas to demonstrate elements of intent and accident in the momentous and the fleeting with electronics, gadgets and time-based media.

2. “Butterflies in my stomach; bees around my head”
by Angie Seah & Aya Sekine
Curated by Lee Wen
Working together for the first time, multi-disciplinary artist, Angie Seah will collaborate with eclectic, experimental jazz pianist, Aya Sekine that will definitely ignite an electrifying, surprising action based sound work yet unheard and unseen.

On Friday at Blackhole 212, Zai Kuning launches his new CD featuring live and studio takes in Japan. Shark Fung (Engineered Beautiful Blood, I \ D, Amino Acid Orchestra), Goh Lee Kwang and Mindfuckingboy in support. More details at http://www.onisstudio.blogspot.com/

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