Monday, December 7, 2009


Free Music Now! Vol. 6
Original broadcast: December 09, 2009 (Wed), 2230-0000h (GMT +8)

Presented by Mark Wong

Broadcast "live" from a cluttered bedroom on Balestier Road, Singapore, FMN! is an internet radio programme hosted on We pay special focus to music developments in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

"Free music" refers as much to the ideas of information flow and cultural dissemination as it does to musical forms which refuse to be shackled to genre orthodoxy. Inevitably, "Free Music NOW!" becomes clarion call for open ears and unfettered minds.

To tune in "live" to the show, please click on either of the following:

Open the listen.pls file in your iTunes, Winamp or VLC media player during the broadcast time.

Live playlist:
(Reload this page during the "live" broadcast to see the playlist being generated!)

1. Muxu - Let's Walk on the Frozen Sea (4:03)
2. Aspidistrafly - Endless Dreamless (3:05)
3. Hearing Hill - cs (11:46)
4. Damn Dirty Apes - Death of Optimus Prime (6:34)
5. Arthur Doyle Plus Four - November 8th or 9th - I Can't Remember When (4:03)
6. The Observatory - Waste Your Life (live) (9:59)
7. Yasmin Ahmad - How Do You Spell Dinosaur? (0:44)
8. Sharesprings - Unclouded (4:54)
9. Nice Stupid Playground - Beautiful Life (3:56)
10. Xuan - Twilight Rain (2:08)
11. Sonicbrat - Morning People (4:58)
12. Mark Wong/Jumari - Jumari the Masseuse Plays Guitar in an Imaginary Field (7:28)
13. Yeoh Yin Pin - Funeral (26:03)

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