Sunday, December 20, 2009

have yourself... an ephemeral boxing day?

While we take a break over here to take stock of things, here's an interesting gig to look out for. Line-up includes:

* Dennis Tan aka iRa (Germany/Singapore): Based in Bremen's sonic arts scene for the last eight years, Dennis will be experimenting with a "quadrophonie playback system" at his homecoming (listen to iRa on FMN007);

* Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia): Last seen at the 2008 Choppa Festival, the notoriously prolific "no-input" artist returns to Singapore off the back of his recent Hands release, an album described by The Wire's Dan Warburton as Lee Kwang's "most exciting and varied release since 2002's Nerve Centre".

* Amino Acid Orchestra: Zai Kuning (FMN002), Shark Fung (Engineered Beautiful Blood, I \ D) and Fuzz Lee (IF, Phorous, Life Without Dreams) play their first show together. View their promo video.

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